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The word type mesh belt chain belt
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Chevron belt enlarged view
Chevron belt enlarged view The chevron mesh incorporates the advantages of the wire braid, resulting in a correct positioning of the position of the individual screw bars due to the string of deeper bars, thus minimizing the change and extension of the web....

belt focused on various advantages braided wire mesh belt, since the strips having a curved deeper strings, the position of each screw rod are correctly positioned, thus minimizing the variation of the belt And the extension of the herringbone mesh material with A3 low carbon steel, 45 # steel, 1CR13 heat-resistant steel, 1CR18NI9TI stainless steel, OOR18NI14M2CU2 heat-resistant acid steel, etc. Herringbone mesh belt is widely used in the glass industry, Flowers, metallurgy, metal heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, bright, black, bearing, carburizing, and so on. The food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen food single-freezing machine pretreatment mesh belt high-temperature furnace mesh belt, mesh belt baffle, paint drying line conveyor belt, the reduction of nickel foam production line belt, washing machines, elevators, drying machines, dryers, curing oven belt. each delivery process chain mesh Cleaning, drying, cooling, cooking and other glass machinery annealing, baking flowers, bottles, etc. Related Products: food mesh, food, food, mesh belt, chevron belt, Belt shaft, crankshaft mesh belt, flat mesh belt, chain, rod mesh belt, food belt.

Our factory has many years of professional production of metal mesh belt manufacturer. Strong technical force, well-equipped production, testing means complete. Factory introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, the use of high-quality stainless steel, reasonable design, some products to fill the gaps, exports to Europe and the United States , Southeast Asia and other countries.

The main products: metal conveyor belt, stainless-steel net curtains, B network with square mesh, vapor-liquid filter, steel mesh, perforated metal mesh, wire mesh demister, shaker, demister oil, chemicals. packing. Yangzhou chuen metal Daichang historical and cultural city of Yangzhou in the eastern suburbs, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed east, south to Nanjing Expressway, west of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, this charming and beautiful environment, convenient transportation.

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