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Food Network's latest release
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Food network with transmission equipment used in the plant is mainly used in the food (food plants include biscuit factory, dehydrated vegetable plant, canning factory, frozen, instant noodle factories, etc), food network with chain mesh belt, chain belt, mesh belt.

The Food Network has a heat-resistant high strength, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, elongation of small, uniform pitch, heat cycle, energy-saving, long life and other advantages of size crankshafts, axis, diamond, single, such as energy conservation, the double helix shape.

Metal mesh with plastic: plastic processing of metal mesh is divided into hot-working and cold working in two ways. Not clear the concept of metal mesh and plastic people, 2 kinds of representations of it may not be clear, this metal mesh manufacturers under focus for you go ahead:

Thermal processing of metal mesh performance usually consists of hot-working steel ductility and deformation resistance, food network with manufacturers offer, processing temperature range, antioxidant capacity, the demand for heating and cooling after forging to evaluate. Alloying elements dissolved into solution, the food network, or form carbides in the steel, can improve the steel hot deformation resistance and plastic reduce, forging crack-prone. But some of the elements (such as v + NB, TI), showed diffusion-like carbides in steel distribution, it has little effect on the wings of steel. In addition, generally reduce the thermal conductivity of steel and alloy element to improve the hardenability of steel, in order to prevent cracking, alloy steel forging heating and cooling must be slow.

Metal mesh steel cold processing performance consists mainly of cold deformation and surface quality of steel parts in two ways. Alloying elements dissolved in solid solution, will generally improve steels cold work hardening degree, food network parameters, put after plastic deformation hardens very quickly on the steel brittle frozen belt factory outlets, this is a disadvantage for steel cold processing. Mesh belt manufacturers, food network, production, for those who need to withstand a lot of plastic deformation processing, steel, smelting should limit the residual amount of alloying elements, especially strict control of sulfur, phosphorus and so on. Effect of alloy elements on metal mesh belt cutting Machinability of metal mesh is a metal cutting ease and surface quality.

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Yangzhou spring metal network factory

Contact person: Mr CAI

Phone/fax: 0514-86444559

Mobile phone: 013852202218

Postal code: 225211

Address: jiangdu city, Jiangsu Province, da Qiao Zhen Yan Shau

E-mail: jdzxsw@126.com

Website: www.quanda188.com

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