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Galvanized square wire mesh materials and uses
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Galvanized square wire mesh material: selection of low-carbon wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire and aluminum wire is made.

Features: precise structure, uniform mesh, with good corrosion resistance and durability characteristics.

Packing: with waterproof paper packaging in rolls, special packaging available upon request.

Usage: widely used in industry and construction, filter sand and filter liquid and gas. Can also be used for mechanical attachment of safety protection. But it can also be used in lieu of wood making walls and ceilings.

Square wire mesh can also be called grid, mesh, as geothermal networks, to warm the mesh, internal wall insulation network, brick took NET

Names are divided into: chain link fence, diamond mesh, oblique square network, ring network, ring network, mesh, anchor-NET, protective NET, breeding thanks to fencing NET, net. Surface treatment: galvanized steel-chain link fence, hot-galvanized chain link fence, PVC coated chain link fence (PVC, PE kits and plastic), plastic chain link fence, powder coated chain link fence.

Use: decoration chain link fence, chain link fence, protective chain link fence

Another classification: stainless steel chain link fence (material 201,302,304,304L,316 without surface treatment).

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire (the wire), stainless steel wire, aluminum wire.

Weaving and characteristics: mesh uniform, flat surface, weaving simple, crochet, beautiful and generous; mesh quality, wide banner and wire diameter less coarse, less corrosion and long service life, practical

Usage: widely used in road, railway, highway and fence installation. Also used for interior decoration, feeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and Zoo fence. Machinery and equipment protection nets, machinery and equipment of the transmission grid. Sports venues fences, road green belt protection mesh. After the screen into a box-shaped container, filled with stones such as cages, gabions. Also for the protection and support of seawalls, hills, bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering works. Be good material in flood control and flood. Can also be used for handicraft manufacture. Warehouses, cold storage, protection and reinforcement, sea fishing fixed fences and building site fences, waterways, slope the soil (Rock), residential security guards, and so on.


Tennis Court galvanized chain link fence system provides protection and security of tennis courts.

Tennis galvanized chain link fence for years of maintenance-free, durable protection of the zinc-coated chain-link tennis court fence selection of systems for several decades. Master of HAL tall clothes all steel chain-link components with proof zinc corrosion protection technology for more than 200 years. Chain-link tennis court system is easy to install, and provide a high level of security.


Galvanized chain-link fence at the tennis courts system has long tended to define property lines, enclosed court facilities in the economy and increase the value of the property. Chain deduction system also allows easy attachment control.

Features and benefits: tennis court on the chain-link fence systems are commonly used because they are durable and easy to install I noticed you é. Master of all steel components HAL high galvanized chain-link tennis court system of hot-dip galvanized and protection coating with a guaranteed 12 years old. The tennis system used in some devices are made from pressed steel and cast iron, for increased durability.

Square wire mesh using principles of protection of the mountain:

Using air permeability effects of chain link fence, a large area of application in the protection of the mountain that holds a rock, while late green grass sprayed in order to achieve their own curing effect. Is a perfect combination of greening and protection.

Square NET impregnation method and process:

Impregnation for chain link fence is one of the methods of, and is now a more mature approach: powder impregnation method, which originated in the fluidized bed, fluidized bed was originally called Winkler decomposition gas furnace used oil contact, further development of the gas-solid two-phase contact process, after the metal coating. So sometimes called "fluidized bed coating method", the actual process is a container of powder coatings added perforated ventilation at the bottom (mobile tanks), treated compressed air blowers from the fed, bring the powder coating turned to "flow state". Become a uniformly distribution of bulk powder.

We know flow of bed is solid flow state of second stage (first stage for fixed bed stage, second stage for air conveying stage), in fixed bed of based Shang continues to increases velocity (w), bed layer began expansion and loose, bed layer height began increased, each powder particles was floating up, thus left original location for must degree of mobile, then will into flow of bed stage. BC segment within the fluidized bed powder layer expansion, its height (I) increased with increasing gas velocity, but pressure in the bed (p) does not increase, change in velocity in a certain range without affecting the units required for fluid power, which is a characteristic of fluidized bed makes use of this feature to implement in coating technology. In the fluidized bed powder Fluidization State of uniformity is the key to ensure the coating uniformity. Fluidized bed powder coating are "vertical fluidized" fluid must be tested to find out the number, generally in the coating, powder in fluidized bed suspension rate of up to 30~50%.

Impregnation method is as follows: for example: after preheat the oil to chain link fence above the melting point of the powder coating, dipping into the fluidized bed plastic powder glue evenly and plasticizing polymers cross-linked flow as of steel-plastic composite products.

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