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Mesh belt conveyor for new impetus to future development
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Mesh belt conveyor , belt type is characterized by the fuselage can be telescopic, storage silo, the tail can promote the elongation or shortening of the coal face, compact structure, no basis laid directly on the floor, frame lightweight, easy disassembly and Assembly. When the transmission capacity and distance is large, can be equipped with drive units to meet the requirements. According to requirement, can be delivered stand-alone or synthesis units horizontal or slanted transport system for the transmission of material, very easy to use, widely used in modern industrial enterprises, such as: mining underground, mine surface transportation systems, open pit mining and mineral processing plants. Belt conveyor coal mine is the most desirable and efficient continuous transport equipment, other transportation equipment (such as locomotive class) than with long transmission distance, traffic, the advantages of continuous conveying, and reliable operation, easy to automate and centralize control, especially for high production and high efficient mine belt conveyor coal mining has become Mechatronics technology and equipment of key equipment.

Today, domestic conveyor belt has entered a stage of rapid development, market demand is big now. Belt conveyor in some areas have gradually begun to replace locomotives and motor transport. Main belt conveyor development direction in the future: 1. reducing energy consumption to save energy. In order to implement the "Twelve-Five" requirements and green environment, energy saving and emission reduction have become now the machinery industry to pursue common goals. In the field of transmission technology in the field of scientific research, 1 ton material has been consumed by 1 km of energy as one of the important indicators of conveyor type. 2. to develop in the direction of large-scale, including large transmission capacity and large single length, and so on.

Now, maximum hydraulic transmission device in the world which has more than 400 kilometres in length, the longest single belt conveyor length is close to 15 km, and there are already links the two cities of belt road. The major developed countries of the world are also being developed with long-range, large-capacity transmission capacity of continuous conveyor structure to the development of higher performance, better function. In extreme temperatures, corrosive, radioactive environments, such as work, and transport of inflammable, explosive, high temperature, viscous materials such as conveyor. 3. the development of automation and diversification advantages of belt conveyor, are frequently used in mining equipment, but there are enough future under conditions of high temperature, low temperature, corrosive, radioactive, flammable material conveyor working environment, is also one of the objectives pursued. Also, if the conveyor belt structure meet the requirements of material handling Automation control systems on one proposed, conveyor productivity improved a lot.

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