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The production characteristics of v-belt
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

V-NET with a fine mesh to prevent leakage of small objects, so it is suitable for the transport of small objects. Herringbone mesh belt firm and strong, high tensile strength and bearing capacity is large, it is suitable for heavy transport. Herringbone mesh belt edge flap can be added directly welded or flanged directly, depending on the cargo to prevent drop of some goods. Herringbone mesh is widely used in petroleum chemical fiber, glass bottles and cans, food, light bulbs, metal, containers, electronics, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, and other automatic devices in various industries and the use of automated assembly line

V-belt Main material of carbon steel, galvanized iron wire, Spring wire, high temperature corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, A3, low carbon steel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 steel, 201 stainless steel, type 304 stainless steel, different materials can be applied to different work environments, and is widely used. Turn of the v-belt around the net formed by four straight series link, sophisticated weaving technology makes the network with high density mesh characteristics of thin and flexible operation, extremely high standards for materials and weaving techniques. By the band and pattern parts, due to the transport of materials and different conveyors dip size required pattern shape and height (depth) are also different.

Network specification (mm)

Marking of chain pitch P1 pitch p chain link mesh diameter D1 diameter d belt pitch belt pitch l j

(P)   (p)    ( p1)         (D)       (D1)         (L)         (J)

C2042 25.4 25.4x* 5~8 1.0~1.6 3~19 6.35~25.

C2052 31.75 31.75x* 6~10 1.2~2.0 5~21 6.35~31.75

C2062 38.1 38.1x* 8~12 1.5~2.0 8~21 6.35~38.1

C2082 50.8 50.8X* 10~12 1.5~3.0 10.5~21 12.7~50.8

C2160 101.6 101.6x* 10~14 1.5~4.0 10.5~27 12.7~50.8

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