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Great Wall NET in Jiangsu with manufacturers, select spring is equivalent to choosing the products
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Jiangsu great wall network with manufacturers in selecting springs up on the choice of the quality, Jiangsu Yangzhou spring metal network factory supply the great wall network, products such as stainless steel mesh band, welcome to buy. Wall belt slipping 3 tips of the solution, we often use belts when there was often a skid of the great wall, great wall NET solutions developed by us with a skidding below introduce 3:

1. great wall net weight tensioning belt conveyor belt slippage. Use counter weight tensioning device of belt conveyor mesh belt conveyor belt from slipping can add either return address, add up to the belt does not slip. But you should not add too much, so as not to make the mesh belt conveyor belt unnecessary tension and reduce its service life.

2. screw tensioning or hydraulic tension mesh belt conveyor belt slipping of the great wall. Using a spiral tensioning and hydraulic tensioning of the belt conveyor, adjustable tensioning belt slipping throttle appears to increase the tension. However, sometimes not enough take-up stroke, resulting in a permanent mesh belt conveyor mesh belt deformation, mesh belt can then be cut off for a while, repeat the curing.

3. using nylon straps or a tight schedule when EP is required longer when travel can be back enough sulphur or increase the tension the trip to resolve the mesh belt conveyor belt slipping problem.

Problem found in a belt running the great wall together with the monitor, electrical fitter, sent stop signals at the problem, move the control switch to the off position and turn to lock, and then hang up the power card. Operation when the start signal, scraper conveyor running at the front desk operation to move second, officially started again, and then open the water switch. Only on the chain conveyor for proper operation can run with minimal chain conveyor breakdowns frequency. Mesh belt stress corrosion cracking failure of parts of the great wall section, including stress corrosion cracking characteristics of regions, as well as associated with the aggregation of the micro-defects "dimple" area. Great Wall NET applications: food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen foods, frozen machine pre-processing chain, chain NET.

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