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Mesh belt sintering furnace special definition in the industry
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-17

Mesh belt sintering furnace. Mesh belt sintering furnace is a stainless steel mesh with one of them.
Uses: mainly used in powder metallurgy sintering furnace, glass heat bending furnace decorated and bearing metal high-temperature electric furnace industry.
Features: fold on both sides to prevent the material living and network with smooth surface, running smoothly, load capacity and resistance to tensile strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and so on.
By shape: people glyphs network with, and b glyphs network with, and diamond network with, and Horseshoe type network with (wall network with), and chain type conveying with, and glasses shaped network with, and chain plate network with, and ball type network with, and chain hook type metal conveying with, and rushed tablets type metal conveying with,; this products widely application Yu glass, network with factory, food, frozen, chemical fiber, electronic electrical, heat treatment, Drying and many other industries. and the practice in production for many years drawing on the advanced experience, developed a variety of glass, food machinery, 201 NET, economical and practical. products are sold, in terms of quality by users of credit. access to provincial and municipal levels of honor the list goes on!!! Our advanced equipment, superior manufacturing processes, strong technical force, scale the forefront. in today's times, we will unswervingly pursue the guiding ideology of science and technology works, focusing on product development as a leader, with high quality and low prices for the purpose of qingzhen belt, strengthen internal management and thrift, as always, to exchanges and cooperation with the vast number of users and TongRen, altogether will create the glorious future

According to specifications:
Marking of chain-pitch P---pitch P1-link chain-mesh diameter d diameter D1-pitch of mesh belt belts pitch l-j

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