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Wire mesh demister extrusion filter belt
Wire mesh demister
Wire mesh demister Wire mesh demister is a gas-liquid separation device, the gas through the demister of the wire, can remove the entrained fog. This standard (HG / T21618-1998 is based on the original Ministry of Chemical Industry standards: HG5-1404-81, HG5-1405-81 and HG5-1406-81, combined with the actual experience of wire mesh demister and the introduction of advanced equipment Technology is made of wire mesh demister mainly by the screen, the screen grid composed of wire mesh blocks and fixed wire mesh block support device, the screen for a variety of materials, gas-liquid filter, gas-liquid filter The net is made of wire or non-metallic wire...

This standard (HG / T21618-1998 is in the original chemical department standard: HG5-1404-81, HG5-1405), and the gas is separated by a gasket separator. -81 and HG5-1406-81, combined with the actual experience of the use of wire mesh demister and the introduction of advanced technology in the installation of the device.

Screen filter is mainly composed of wire mesh, wire mesh grille composed of wire mesh block and fixed wire mesh block support device, the screen for a variety of materials, gas-liquid filter, gas-liquid filter is made of metal wire or Non-metallic wire. The non-metallic wire of the gas-liquid filter is twisted from a plurality of non-metallic fibers and can also be a single strand of non-metallic wire. The screen demister not only filters out the larger Liquid foam, and can filter out smaller and tiny liquid foam, widely used in chemical, oil, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels and other industries in the gas-liquid separation device.

Upgraded wire mesh demister

Download the screen demister

The screen demister (defogger) is used to separate the droplets of gas entrained in the tower to ensure mass transfer efficiency, reduce valuable material loss and improve the operation of the tower after the compressor, Net removal of the device can effectively remove the 3 - 5um droplets, if the tray between the installation of the demister, not only to ensure that the tray mass transfer efficiency, but also can reduce the board spacing, so the main use of wire mesh In the gas-liquid separation. Can also be used for air separation of gas filters. In addition, the screen can also be used as instrumentation in the instrumentation of various types of instruments to prevent radio interference of electronic shielding, etc. Now widely used in chemical, , Sulfuric acid, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, environmental protection, industrial production.

Metal wire mesh demister, plastic wire mesh demister, pp wire mesh demister, drawer-type screen demister, mosaic wire mesh demister, coat wire mesh demister, Demister and so on.

Wave-type wire mesh demister, also known as wave-type demister, wave demister. Its in line with HG / T21618-1998 new standards, integrated HG5-1404-81, HG5-1405-81, HG5-1406-81 wire Network demister features, has a unique advantage Features:

1. Wire mesh demister in addition to the effect of foam significantly improved, gas away the road, liquid flow path, no secondary entrainment phenomenon.

2. Net block 45 degrees tilt, filter area increased by 15%, and can adjust the direction and speed of air flow, to achieve high efficiency foaming effect.

3.4-10mm deep embossed, a layer with 2 layers of filtration efficiency, saving the installation space, down the bottom of a single tower demister cost.

When the gas with fog rises at a certain speed through the screen, due to the inertia of the rising of the fog, the fog is collided with the filament of the filament and is attached to the surface of the filament. , The fog of the gravitational settling, so that the formation of larger droplets of droplets along the filament flow to the junction of the two filaments. Filament wettability, liquid surface tension and capillary action of the filament, making the liquid The droplets are larger and larger until the aggregated droplets are larger than their own generated gravity exceeds the resultant force of the gas and the surface tension of the liquid, and the droplets are separated from the filaments, and the gas passes through the screen demister, It is basically free of fog and separates the fog in the gas to improve the operating conditions, optimize the process index, reduce the corrosion of the equipment, prolong the service life of the equipment, increase the processing capacity and recover the valuable materials, protect the environment and reduce the air pollution. Simple structure, small size, high efficiency, high resistance, light weight, light weight, easy installation, easy maintenance, wire mesh demister for particle size ≥ 3 ~ 5um fog, capture efficiency of 98% -99.8%, while Gas through the demister pressure drop is very small, only 250-500Pa, is conducive to improve the set Productivity.

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