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Extrusion filter belt
Filter belt
Filter belt Extruder Filter or Plastic Extruder Filter The most commonly used metal material is stainless steel wire mesh and black silk cloth....

Extruder filter or plastic extruder filter The most commonly used metal material is stainless steel wire mesh and black silk cloth. Although the price of stainless steel wire mesh is relatively expensive, but its biggest advantage is to avoid rust, can be used for a Some PVC production lines or other high quality requirements of the occasion.Nickel alloy filter is used to avoid the fluoropolymer or PVDC corrosion of the occasion.
  In general, the filter mesh for the extruder (or the number of wires per inch) is 20 to 150 or more .20 The mesh is relatively coarse; the 40 to 60 mesh filter is relatively fine; 150 mesh filter is very fine.
  Most of the screen mesh are in the same size, and the number of wires in each direction is the same. The Dutch knitting method uses thick wire in the horizontal direction and is defined as a double number, for example, 32 x 120 in (1 in = 25.4mm). The filter made by Dutch knitting method does not need to set the parallel screen in the filter device can play a fine filter effect.
     The diameter of the same mesh is determined by the diameter of the wire, and it is not necessary to be exactly the same, for example, a 20 mesh filter made of a wire having a pitch of 24 in and a diameter of 0.02 in. The opening is 0.01in; and the wire mesh is 30nm diameter of 0.01in wire made of 20 mesh filter, the opening of each side slightly larger, 0.04in
This is because the fine wire is not fine enough to filter, and is more likely to block (1in = 25.4mm).
The filter is installed in such a way that the most coarse filter faces the protective plate and the finest screen is facing the extruder, for example, the screen arrangement from the protective plate to the extruder may be 20 mesh / 40 Head / 60 mesh, because this arrangement can prevent the filter from being blocked and can "blow" the impurities into the opening of the protective plate.
If the finest screen is 80 mesh or more, in order to prevent the screen from being blocked by the rotational movement of the molten material or large impurities, a rough screen may be placed in front (e.g., 20/100/60 (20 mesh / 60 mesh / 100 mesh / 60 mesh / 20 mesh) in order to ensure that they are not reversed, and sometimes use a symmetrical arrangement (20 mesh / 60 mesh / 100 mesh / 20 mesh / 20 mesh) Some processors deliberately upside down the filter, allowing the coarse filter to filter larger particles on the upstream surface, which they believe will allow more side of the molten material to pass and make the material on the upstream surface of the protective plate less break down.
Note about the filter
As the general steel wire mesh is easy to rust, so in the storage to avoid the damp environment, otherwise the rust will appear in the extrudate.More serious is that the rust filter is prone to fracture and the filter out Of the impurities, so the filter should be loaded into plastic bags or rust-proof paper storage. So as not to cause you unnecessary losses.
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