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Balance the functional application of the mesh belt
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-18

  Balance mesh with large mesh, weaving firmly, can withstand a certain load, the spiral bar is usually the same specifications with the promotion of silk. Applications: Heat treatment, annealing of mechanical parts, drying of the food industry, processing of leather and asbestos products.

     Features: This mesh is made up of double-stranded left-handed or double-stranded right spiral strip and a string. The mesh is easy to splice. The mesh is generally smaller than the single-stranded weaving mesh, weave firmly and easy to be deformed and easy to repair. The balanced braided mesh belt concentrates on the advantages of the metal braid belt, and because of the stringed string, it is possible to obtain the correct positioning of each helical wire rod, thus minimizing the deformation and extension of the mesh belt.

     Balanced mesh belt applications: can be used for high temperature automatic assembly line, transport heavy, mechanical parts of the heat treatment, a variety of teach big objects drying. Has been widely used in the electronics industry - kinescope automatic assembly line, glassware annealing furnace, high temperature special equipment, heat treatment, washing, transportation and food industry. Welcome to call to discuss.

The types of springs are divided into the following categories:

1, crankshaft mesh belt with a variety of advantages of wire braided mesh belt, with a deep string of curved, so that the location of each spiral bar to get the right positioning, so to minimize the deformation and extension of the mesh The

2, straight shaft mesh from the left and right of the network through the straight string of links made of the series with mesh mesh more dense, uniform mesh spacing, can make the network walking smoothly. The series of mesh belt is suitable for carrying a relatively small volume and relatively heavy texture of the transmission line.

3, flat wire mesh belt with the use of rolling wire production. With the crankshaft through the bar connection, so that the location of each spiral bar to be properly positioned, so to minimize the deformation and extension of the mesh belt. Its fine workmanship, smooth surface, both sides of the parallel, excellent material, durable.

4, trapezoidal mesh belt or word network, this network is usually gear transmission belt, with good ventilation advantages, tension evenly, fine workmanship, the network with a flexible rotation, good stability, high temperature, pressure, Corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics.

5, the combination of balanced mesh from the left and right of the grid through the four straight string made of precision weaving technology to make the network with both high density and high density of the characteristics of fine mesh, it is the material and weaving technology requirements high. This mesh is suitable for transport lines with small loads.

6, metal mesh belt also known as the Great Wall network, composed of flat metal and round metal wire, mesh belt with light weight, large gap, mesh surface smooth, smooth operation, will not go away. Can be used for washing, drying, cooling, heat treatment of the transmission line.

7, chain-type mesh belt This chain-type mesh belt with a chain drive, suitable for large and heavy transmission, its smooth movement, strength, relatively small mesh surface force, can play a protective role on the conveyor floor, the price More expensive, but long life

8, eye-type mesh belt sprocket drive, stable operation, strong bearing capacity, can transport high-speed heavy objects, smooth surface, suitable for unstable products, the transmission rate is large, ventilation, good dehydration, easy to clean, glasses The mesh belt is very suitable for the coating operation process, so that with the transmission belt as much as possible to reduce contact.

9, chain-type mesh belt This chain to use the chain to do power. Mesh with chain and small tube connection; spacing can be customized according to the use. Specifications a lot.

10, chain-type mesh belt driven by the chain conveyor belt is generally driven by the chain of small shaft and then drive the belt to run. Mesh belt are used to wear a string, about two lines of the network, and the size of the network connected from the large network into the small shaft, the small shaft through the chain hole at both ends, so as to achieve the chain drive conveyor belt. Chain net drive smooth, small transmission torque. 11, U-type chain belt can also be used as a spiral mesh belt, the use of imported computer network with machine production, hard and durable network, not easy to deformation. The biggest feature is the good turn performance, you can achieve 180 degrees turn, and smooth operation. With a flat surface, can carry heavier pressure and tension. Ventilation and ventilation performance is good, clean and non-toxic mesh, and easy to clean. Maintenance and disassembly is extremely convenient. According to customer requirements in the network belt on both sides of the installation of ribs.

12, chain plate mesh belt driven by stainless steel chain, the use of stainless steel sheet production, suitable for conveying small high-density objects, the transport process running smoothly, easy installation and replacement, high prices, long service life.

13, baffle mesh with this hard side edge processing, transmission method intuitive, simple. The file by the S-type treatment to form a linear groove type, the use of mechanical extrusion should be avoided, once found off the phenomenon should be promptly treated.

14, triangular belt-type mesh belt This side treatment has the advantages of light and strong, suitable for large workpiece transmission, the items are not easy to fall from the edge, work more sophisticated, reliable quality and reasonable price, widely used in food industry and metal Heat treatment and other industries.

15, bar-type mesh belt with a simple structure, good ventilation. Strength, can carry heavier items. Easy to clean and maintain, run flexible features.

16, flanging mesh belt are generally combined for the balance of four strings of single-head mesh belt, the string does not wear on both sides of the edge of the turn 15-30 cm high side, to block the object outside the fall. Such as chemical fiber plant, the standard parts of heat treatment, the bearing parts of the cleaning machine with a cuff net, to block the spill of fiber and so on.

17, spherical mesh with four spiral wire rod composed of spherical spiral combination network, solid structure, effective filtration area, mainly used in the chemical industry in the filter, vacuum dryer drying, has been widely used in viscose Fiber finder and tannery dryer.

18, the belt type belt with the mesh surface smooth and smooth, flexible operation. Equipment and mold production level is the quality assurance of the mesh belt. This series of mesh belt carrying capacity, the mesh is relatively wide, suitable for large transmission lines.

19, plus plate-type mesh belt is also called reinforced mesh belt, the net can be used with a series of straight string, Qu string two, mesh belt can be made baffle, mesh belt can be the overall flanging, the string can be produced Processed into a ladder edge (twist), depending on the user's range and temperature.

20, single spin with this mesh with a single spin production, uniform pattern, strong tensile strength; both sides parallel; surface smooth.

21, diamond-shaped mesh belt, also known as the chain link fence, active network, characterized by good ventilation.

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