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Development trend of food network in China
Edit:Yangzhou spring metal network factory   PublicDate:2016-11-16

Filter belt is a food network with blade rotation pushes the bulk material along the tank forward motion of the conveyor can said Internet marketing is both a product of globalisation, is also the driving force of global economic integration, stainless steel conveyor belt manufacturers using network marketing, can transcend time and space constraints, provide global marketing services anywhere, anytime. Suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials. It is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal mines, coal, food and other industries, suitable for inclined conveying powdery, granular and small block materials, such as coal, ash, cement, grain, etc. In concrete, coal mining industry, filter mesh belt's role has been the embodiment of the largest.

Rapid development of the food network to today, with the development of material handling industry, the food network with a lot of industry attention. Through continuous improvement and development, from the workshop a conveyor, the development of complete material handling jobs within the enterprise, between enterprises, of integrated material handling systems mechanization and automation. Along with scientific and technological progress, the future development trend of food network: continued development of the enlargement. Including large transmission capacity of large, single conveying angle and length, and so on. A number of countries are exploring of long-distance, large-capacity continuous conveying mechanism of the conveying material is better.

With the development of science and technology, social progress, rapid development of material handling industry, food mesh belt conveyor used to transport materials for its excellent performance won the love of a growing number of manufacturers. Expand the range of food belt conveyors. Developments in the condition of high temperature, low temperature, corrosive, introduction, flammable substances working environment, as well as conveying hot and explosive, with United, cohesive material conveyor. Food belt conveyor constructed to meet the material handling systems automation and control the demands on a single machine.

One, when the net exposure to corrosive material can have negative consequences. First belt replacement parts will become more and more detailed, causing wear accelerated, common rust belt parts can also affect stainless steel hinged and flexible rotation of the rollers. When stainless steel mesh belt continued to work in acidic or alkaline environments, food network, production, parts corrosion stress corrosion occurs and the grain.

When belt is used in a corrosive environment, must attach great importance to network with parts materials selection. Stainless steel series parts rust belt also depends on the work environment may be. Mastery of anticorrosion technology in corrosive environments mesh belt is very useful in the right.

Second, in the case of more than 400 ℃ high temperature use

When the network is functioning, because the heat cause a rise in temperature of conveying material, mesh belt conveyor's strength is gradually decreased as the temperature rises. Stainless steel mesh belt usage restrictions will depend on the material and mesh belt rotational friction generated by the temperature and the temperature of the material. Temperatures over 400 ° c when will affect the life of the stainless steel mesh belt refer to the stainless steel mesh belt manufacturer, under normal circumstances, Yingkou food belt, stainless steel mesh belt is resistant to high temperatures, so at 400 cases would not affect its service life.

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