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Yangzhou spring metal network factory
Contact person: Mr CAI
Phone/fax: 0514-86444559
Mobile phone: 13852202218
Postal code: 225211
Address: jiangdu city, Jiangsu da Qiao Zhen Yan Shau
E-mail: 13852202218@126.com
Website: www.quanda188.com
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Yangzhou spring metal network factory ( formerly jiangdu revitalization of mesh factory ) since the plant for more than 10 years in the vast number of users strongly support assistance, product marketing nationwide. Electric power environmental protection, glass products and the food industry, especially in long kilns used in the stable, flat surface and elongation of small, easy to run, enjoy a high reputation, by the majority of users.
This factory professional production party eye network, network with, and conveying network with, and high Wimbledon with, and metal network with, wall network with, b type network with, ball type network with, seats type cloth, network cloth, steam liquid filter network, punching network, screen except foam device, Shaker, oil points except fog device, chemical filler, chain, tight firmware, mechanical accessories,.
Material: 1cr18Ni9Ti, SuS304, 316, 316L, 2080, 2520, 314S, Ns-80, 1cr17, 1cr13 etc, the raw materials of our products are based on brand-name quality at home materials and imported materials. Quality inspection and acceptance by national standards, requires acceptance of the Ministerial standards.
Products are mainly used in the chemical industry, chemical fiber, power, environment, glass, electronics, food, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, machinery, pulp and paper, mining and other industries use. This product has a wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Main application, filter, touch the fire, annealing, drying, cooling, cleaning, transportation, heat treatment, and other industrial automation lines I plant adhere to the "quality of survival, reputation and development" business philosophy, we warmly welcome new and old customers to raise tourism and work together to develop, creating a beautiful!!
Note: our products can be customized according to the needs of users (users with drawings, specified material)

Yangzhou spring metal network factory welcome you!!!

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Address:Jiangdu city, Jiangsu Province, da Qiao Zhen Yan Shau  TelePhone:13852202218  MobilePhone:13852202218  E-mail:jdzxsw@126.com

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